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Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor Lawsuits Due to Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor side effects have been making headlines due to the damages the drug has had on users. Lipitor is a type of pharmaceutical drug called a Statin. Its generic name is Atorvastatin and the name Lipitor is the trade name used by Pfizer. Statins are taken to generally lower bad cholesterol but they also act as an anti-inflammatory substance to treat plaque or fat deposits and prevent strokes.

Common Lipitor Side Effects

Since the most common cause of medical deaths in the United States are heart attacks due to complications of high cholesterol, Lipitor became popular because of its cholesterol reducing effects. Many Americans have continued use of the drug without being informed that there are serious adverse Lipitor side effects.

Today, Lipitor side effects have been widely documented in many studies. These side effects include a multitude of problems that can happen to the individual taking the drug. The side effects could be mistaken for regular flu or food poisoning. A number of the side effects are discussed below.

Muscle Problems is one of the common side effects of Lipitor. Sudden muscle weakness, tenderness or pains can be felt without reasons of strain or even without strenuous activities. This includes feeling unusually tired even at the peak times of the day.

Another side effect of taking Lipitor is Liver problems. Liver problems are generally seen with the yellowing of your skin and yellowing of the white areas of your eyes. Lipitor side effects on the liver may also be assessed when the patient’s urine turns to a dark amber color. You might also feel some upper belly pain and some loss of appetite together with the other symptoms.

Some adverse effects of the use of Lipitor also include sudden weight gain or swelling, nausea, constant fever and some bouts of diarrhea. You might mistake these symptoms as food poisoning or the common flu but if you are currently taking Lipitor it is best to seek medical help immediately.

Lipitor side effects are even more intensified with people who are pregnant or breastfeeding and people who have been suffering from liver problems. It is best to not take Lipitor without seeking the advice of medical experts. Lipitor can affect your baby while it is under development in your womb or even be affected by Lipitor through breastfeeding.

Anyone who has experienced any of these side effects with the use of Lipitor should seek immediate medical help to reduce the damage that Lipitor may have caused to your body.

Lipitor Side Effect Lawsuits

If you are among the many patients who have suffered from the adverse Lipitor side effects you may choose to find some legal assistance to help yourself recover from medical damages that this drug has caused you.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation at 1-800-499-6652 or complete the online form to be contacted about your claim.