Bill Bohack

Bill Bohack

Bill Bohack is the founder and CEO of Consumer Claims Center of America.

He is passionate about environmental preservation and fighting for the legal rights of “the little guy” in personal injury lawsuits.

Bill Bohack understands the struggles that individuals and families go through when they are hurt by a product, and that the healing process can be very expensive.

Bill Bohack wants to help people get better, by helping them allocate the resources necessary to recover.

What is Consumer Claims Center of America?

Consumer Claims Center of America is a network of legal assistance. We work with personal injury claims and helped injured parties get compensation in the event that they have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

For example, in the Lipitor lawsuit women were not informed that their Lipitor medication was placing them at a much higher risk for type II diabetes,. If they had been informed clearly about the risks of Lipitor side effects then they could have taken steps to prevent diabetes from developing.

Consumer Claims Center of America processes new lawsuit claims, and helps expedite the procedure, placing the lawsuit through the correct channels and with the major attorneys working on the case.

Personal injury claims that involve hundreds of even thousands of plaintiffs are often consolidated into a multidistrict litigation – or MDL – for quicker processing.

Click here to learn more about the Lipitor MDL.

Chris Coffin, member of the Lipitor PSC.

In an MDL, a group of lawyers is assigned to handle the claims. This group of lawyers is called the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee, or PSC.

Consumer Claims Center of America expedites the process by working closely with lawyers either in, or associated with the PSC for a given case. We make sure your claim is vetted properly, and receives the legal attention it deserves, even among the masses.

Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for claims to be “warehoused” when there is a mass tort action such as an MDL. These claims slip through the cracks and do not get processed, laying forgotten in abandoned emails and files.

It is our mission at Consumer Claims Service of America to ensure that all claimants get the help they need. We work with injured parties every day, and we know if you are filing a lawsuit you have been seriously hurt. We will make sure your claim gets processed and settled quickly.

Who is Bill Bohack?

Bill Bohack is an entrepreneur and family man, making his home in beautiful Sarasota, along the gulf coast of Florida. In his spare time, Bill Bohack can be found fishing in the bay.

Bill Bohack found himself called to action when the BP Oil Spill devastated the coast.

An oil rig was damaged and enormous amounts of oil were dumped into the ocean, hurting the environment, and the businesses and people of the Gulf Coast.

Originally, Bill Bohack set out to help small fishing business that had been affected, but as he got deeper in the field he realized the scope of effect of the oil spill was much larger, and the need for assistance was immense.

Bill Bohack decided to create Survive the Spill, a website dedicated to helping those affected by the spill get the help they needed. The website got attention, and eventually Bill Bohack teamed up with Catholic Charities, an organization that really stepped up to help the gulf coast in its time of need.

The movement gained momentum as famous environmentalists and the cast of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” endorsed the cause.

Click here to see a video of Bill Bohack discussing Survive the Spill with cast members of The Deadliest Catch.

Survive the spill was eventually taken down, to be replaced by a more inclusive help service, Bill Bohack is also the CEO and founder of BP Claims.

BP Claims is a service to help individuals, families and business settle claims through the ongoing BP  oil spill lawsuit. The lawsuits expanded past business losses, and included injury cases as well because the oil, and the dispersant spray used to clean up the spill was toxic and made people sick.

Thousands were able to get help, thanks to, and Bill Bohack.

After the success of Survive the Spill and BP Claims, Bill Bohack expanded his role as a consumer advocate and founded Consumer Claims Center of America, one of the largest personal injury claims networks in the nation.

Consumer Claims Center of America often works with lawsuits that involve personal injury due to negligent manufacturing and advertising practices. We have successfully settled claims for many cases, including:

  • Granuflo
  • Yaz
  • BP Oil
  • Styker/Depuy metal on metal hip replacements
  • and more

We are currently accepting claims and preparing for major litigation with the Zoloft Birth Defect lawsuit, the Risperdal Gynecomastia lawsuit, the Lipitor Lawsuit and others.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another entity, it is your legal right to seek compensation for any damages you have incurred, such as pain and suffering or loss of wages.

Consumer Claims Center of America is a consumer advocacy service designed to ensure that all claimants get the individual attention their case deserves, as well as a prompt, positive outcome.

In the cases listed above, it is clear that the manufacturers of those products failed to discover the risks involved, or downplayed the risks of their product in aggressive and misleading advertising.

Bill Bohack created Consumer Claims Center of America as a tool for the public to use to fight back against unfair and harmful corporate practices.

Contact us at Consumer Claims Center of America if you think you might have a claim, or have questions; we can help.


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