Developments in the Lipitor Settlement

Developments in the Case Against Lipitor

The Lipitor settlement is ongoing for those women affected by the drug. Since the discovery that the drug can cause the user to develop type II diabetes, several women have filed lawsuits against the drug manufacturer.

Although the current litigation primarily focuses on post-menopausal women, all of the previous users of Lipitor who have developed diabetes as a result of using the drug should inquire to see if they are eligible to make a claim in court and receive a settlement for their medical costs and loss of income.

In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded. Pfizer, the giant pharmaceutical corporation that produces Lipitor has profited well over $100 billion on this sometimes harmful drug.

While the drug is effective at managing high cholesterol levels, it puts some consumers in more danger, health-wise, as it can cause type II diabetes or other serious side effects.

Pursuant to the several filed lawsuits in the U.S alone, the affected women do not understand why the giant pharmaceutical company failed to warn them of the impending danger of taking Lipitor regularly.

A course of just three months is enough to cause the development of type II diabetes in a Lipitor patient. Despite the risks, Pfizer has continued to make billions off the sales of Lipitor each year.

A Short History of the Lipitor Scandal

Lipitor is a trade name or brand used by Pfizer; the generic name of the drug is atorvastatin. Since its production and FDA approval in 1996, the drug has been routinely recommended for persons with high cholesterol.

As years went by the drug became a sensation especially to the American community as cholesterol is an endemic situation due to the type of foods easily available.

Doctors recommended the drug in hospitals and they too were convinced by this wonder drug since it offered amazing results.

The recommendation was justified as the high success rates reported by the users of Lipitor in managing cholesterol was phenomenal except for one serious flaw: the drug can cause serious side effects.

The diabetes rumors were confirmed when a JAMA publication, respectable in scientific and medical circles, reported that post-menopausal women were at a higher risk of developing type II diabetes if they were on a prolonged use of statin drugs such as Lipitor.

Statins are a class of drugs used to manage cholesterol.

Soon after this publication, the USA FDA ordered that the drug warning on the label be improved to include this information so that consumers could be warned adequately. Sixteen years after the release of this drug on the market, the warning came too late for many.

The Lipitor Lawsuits: The Foundation for Future Lipitor Settlements

The Lipitor lawsuits followed shortly after it was proven beyond doubt that Lipitor caused the development of type II diabetes in women who have been on the drug for some time.

The evidence points to negligence by the pharmaceutical corporation since it failed to adequately warn potential users of the drug’s ability to cause type II diabetes in individuals who were otherwise not at risk for contracting the disease.

Lipitor has since caused many users to have to cope with diabetes and high medical expenses.

Having this thought in mind, Lipitor lawsuits became inevitable as people struggled with decreased quality of life in the face of developing type II diabetes.

A Lipitor Settlement is Imminent

Since the drug Lipitor was widely used, the number of plaintiffs who have filed for compensation continues to increase significantly as settlement draws near. The pharmaceutical giant will most likely want to settle rather than let courts award lump sums to affected parties.

Since evidence continues to reveal that Pfizer failed to warn users of the side effects of the Lipitor drug, they are liable for the compensation of any affected person. Evidence that points to users’ lifespan being reduced by five to ten years cannot be ignored in court. Such evidence will speed up a Lipitor settlement.

Lawsuits are detrimental to the business of corporations such as Pfizer, and in order to survive the outcry they will be forced to settle these cases.

Recent Events Confirm a Soon-to-be Lipitor Settlement

Recently in February of 2014, the cases against Pfizer were consolidated and centralized before Judge Richard M. Gergel, as part of a multidistrict litigation. This was done in the Court of South Carolina District.

Every individual case remains just that, a case on its own- not a combined case. This is not a class action lawsuit. If a Lipitor settlement offer is made, the plaintiff has the option of accepting or rejecting it.

Still, if no Lipitor settlement is made, the attorney has to prove that the diabetes was indeed caused by Lipitor. So a good attorney is still a critical requirement to any person who wants compensation in the ongoing Lipitor Settlement Lawsuit.

Negotiations that are done to determine the extent of the drug injury are usually based on the assumption of what a court would likely award that plaintiff. The economic impact on the user and degree of drug injury are also factors taken into consideration when determining the dollar amount of a settlement. Find out if you qualify for a claim today by filling out our online form.

Our evaluation is free and it can be done online or over the phone. We will not charge you for our service unless a settlement is awarded. Our legal services are fair; we are invested in the rights of our clients.

The evaluation process for a Lipitor settlement is free of charge. If you have been affected by this dangerous drug, now is the right time to inquire about your eligibility for a Lipitor settlement.

Choose the Right Representation

Now it is up to you to act. Choose your Lipitor Settlement lawyer or attorney with care as they will either make or break your case. A good attorney will get you a maximum Lipitor settlement while inexperienced representation in court may ensure that you don’t get the compensation you deserve.

Remember that it is up to your attorney to convince the court that you should be compensated highly given the degree of effect the drug has left on you and your family.

Do not take this lightly. Choose qualified Lipitor settlement attorneys and you will ensure a fair compensation plan. Consumer Claim Center of America is a patient advocacy service with experience in processing claims, and we work with the best attorneys in the field.

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After all, you may have to deal with type II diabetes for the rest of your life. You need to plan your finances accordingly and since Lipitor did this to you, and the responsible corporation should be held liable for any costs arising from this condition.