Lipitor Recall

Has There Been a Lipitor Recall?

Pfizer’s drug Lipitor is the best-selling drug in the history of pharmaceuticals, with annual sales estimates of $12 billion; however, some serious side effects have been witnessed after it’s use which should warrant a Lipitor Recall. Plaintiffs have sued Pfizer for their role in downplaying potential Lipitor side effects. These side effects pose health concerns that are far worse than the condition the drug was intended to treat. Pfizer is blamed for failing to warn patients and doctors of these side effects associated with the use of Lipitor. Such serious repercussions following the drug’s use are inciting consumers to urge Pfizer to incite a Lipitor Recall.

History of Lipitor

Lipitor has been on the market since 1996. The highest sales ever for Lipitor earned Pfizer about $13 billion. The drug has been a high profile drug ever since it was introduced onto the market. It is intended to treat high cholesterol levels but it has been shown to harbor serious side effects that occur after long term use of the drug.

Earlier on, an uncharacteristic odor emanating from a certain batch of 40mg Lipitor tablets forced Pfizer to recall certain lots of the drug. In an issued statement, Pfizer explained that the bottles with the odor were not likely to cause adverse reactions to patients using the drug but because of the company’s reputation in maintaining high standards, they felt it was necessary to take Lipitor recall action. The odor was suspected to come from the packaging bottles which were from a third party supplier.

Another massive recall came when an Indian company, Ranbaxy Laboratories, allegedly packed and distributed generic Lipitor with glass shards mixed up in the tablets. Pfizer also works hand in hand with their department for the generic version of Lipitor known as Greenstone. Ranbaxy is an independent company which has been allowed to sell their generic version of Lipitor on the US market. Its shares dwindled by the day due to the Lipitor recall it had suffered.

Ranbaxy has rights to sell atorvastatin using Pfizer’s brand name, Lipitor. The Indian company operated under the FDA consent and decree. This was due to lower standards in some of the company’s plants which did not manufacture Lipitor. The Lipitor recall was a voluntary action for Ranbaxy Laboratories.

Important Lipitor Recall Notice:

It is important to note that although certain batches of Lipitor and generic Lipitor have been recalled, the drug remains on the market despite increasing amounts of users developing life threatening conditions after its use. Help Take a stand against the manufacturer. Bring the truth to light by demanding a Lipitor Recall.

FDA Warnings on Lipitor

In February 2011, a warning was issued by the FDA on the potential risk of developing adverse skeletal muscle side effects in patients on Lipitor and also in a class of drugs called protease inhibitors. These protease inhibitors are used to treat patients infected with Hepatitis C and the HIV virus.

In January 2012, a study was published in a notable journal, the Archives of Internal Medicine, regarding the development of Diabetes type II after long term use of Lipitor in post-menopausal women. This study highlighted the risk of taking Lipitor and showed how Lipitor greatly increased the chances of developing Diabetes.

The US Food and Drug Administration are responsible for approving Lipitor onto the market. In February 2012, Pfizer was directed by the FDA to update its Lipitor label and include a black box that would provide detailed information regarding the Diabetes type II side effect associated with the use of the drug.

The FDA has been in the limelight for some time after their approval of defective drugs and leniency on manufacturers. The Ranbaxy history for instance is not encouraging yet the FDA went ahead and approved their sale of the generic version of Pfizer’s Lipitor drug.

Another notable study published in the British Medical Journal followed shortly in May 2013 showing the correlation between Lipitor use and the development of Type II Diabetes. Another study still on Lipitor also showed the development of acute kidney failure or damage after only four months of using Lipitor. This second study was also published in the British Medical Journal, a reputed journal.

It is not uncommon for product liability lawsuits to be filed. Lipitor is among the several cases against giant pharmaceutical companies to erupt after several plaintiffs attested to the fact that the drug use is indeed riddled with serious side effects. Pfizer is not new to such lawsuits. In fact, Lipitor is one of several drugs manufactured by Pfizer that has come into the limelight because of the adverse reactions it leaves on the user.

Lipitor Lawsuits

A request by plaintiffs to have all the Lipitor lawsuits on Diabetes consolidated in a Federal Court was rejected by the US Judicial Panel for Multidistrict Litigations. A number of lawsuits had been filed by various attorneys on behalf of patients who had developed the disease as a result of using Lipitor.

While the Multidistrict litigation failed, plaintiffs are free to file a Lawsuit if they feel that Lipitor  has harmed their health.

Current Lipitor News

Unfortunately, Lipitor is responsible for side effects that include debilitating muscle failure, also known as Myopathy, Rhabdomyolysis, renal failure, and Type II Diabetes.

The Lipitor Recall that affected Ranbaxy Laboratories led to a halt in the production of the drug. The company’s share of 43% fell to 3%.

Pfizer still produces Lipitor but its label has a clear warning of the side effects encountered with prolonged use. The instances of these conditions have become all too common. The drug should be permanently removed from the market in a Lipitor Recall

Are You Eligible to File?

Plaintiffs are coming out in large numbers to file lawsuits regarding the use of Lipitor. Some of the complications that are currently being featured include Type II Diabetes, Rhabdomyolysis, Kidney and Liver failure.

Compensation may soon be awarded in cases of side effects concerning the skeletal muscles, Diabetes type II, kidney and liver damage. Certain Lipitor settlements will include money for lost wages, medical bills and suffering or pain resulting from the use of Lipitor.

In order to build a strong case against the manufacturer, you should be able to prove that these conditions have come about as a result of the use of Lipitor. That is why you should choose a qualified and experienced Lipitor attorney.

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