Lipitor Settlement

Are You Eligible For a Lipitor Settlement?

Have you experienced the negative effects of Lipitor? If so, then you have come to the right place. We take immense pride in saying that we are one among the biggest networks of settling claims across the country with many years of experience to our credit. Our sole mission is to lend a helping hand to those who are badly affected by the side effects of a few bad drugs sold in the market.

What does Lipitor Do?

Lipitor is a drug that belongs to a drug class known as statins, which has the role of preventing the liver to secrete an enzyme that aids in cholesterol production. This in turn would help your body produce low levels of LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol, which is popularly known as bad cholesterol. Later in February 2012, FDA announced that the drug had a risk of causing Type II Diabetes as it caused a hike in the glucose levels in the body. As the company that produced this drug, Pfizer failed to produce proof that this drug was safe, PDA had to reconsider the safety of this drug. This had led many to file Lipitor settlement after the announcement of FDA.

The Need to File A Lipitor Lawsuit:

Recent studies about this cholesterol drug have revealed that it increases the risk of type II diabetes among women who are in their menopausal stage. In addition, it pointed out some serious side effects that include heart attack, myopathy or rhabdomyolysis, liver dysfunction, cognitive damage, irreparable damage to the nerves, tendons and muscle damage. There are many more side effects if this drug is consumed for a long period of time. This made many to file Lipitor settlement against Pfizer all over the country as a lot of people have experienced the serious and fatal side effects.

Are You Eligible to File For A Lipitor Settlement?

If you or your loved one is suffering from any of the serious side effects caused by this drug, you may choose to explore your legal options. Those who can prove to the court their physical ailments were caused by Lipitor may receive a Lipitor Settlement to help alleviate the financial stress of medical bills and pain and suffering.

How To Begin The Process of Filing For a Lipitor Settlement

If you have been harmed, and think you may qualify to receive a Lipitor Settlement, call us now at 1-800-499-6652 or complete the form on this page to speak with a  representative.