Type II Diabetes

type ii diabetes from lipitor

Lipitor-Induced Type II Diabetes

Pfizer’s drug Lipitor has been found to increase the risk of Type II Diabetes. The risk is most prevalent in women who are post-menopausal. According to a study done by the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts and published in the medical journal The Archives of Internal Medicine, women in the age bracket of 50 to 79 who were taking statin drugs that include Lipitor were found to have a 48% increased chance of developing Type II Diabetes. This study was done in January 2012.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, another publication of note, published a study that compared dosages of Lipitor in patients. The study showed a 37% increase in diabetes in patients who took doses of 80mg Lipitor tablets on a daily basis. This was a 2010 publication.

In a move after the January 2012, study, the FDA directed Pfizer to update the label on Lipitor to show that the drug posed a danger of developing Type II Diabetes to the user.

About Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is a serious condition that requires a management regime to cope with. It is a disease that is caused by several factors, including the use of Lipitor. Lipitor is a drug intended to treat high levels of cholesterol.

Type II Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes globally. It is characterized by high glucose levels in the blood. This type of diabetes does not require insulin shots to manage it initially unless it shows resistance to other interventions.

Symptoms of Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes exhibits symptoms of frequent urination, constant hunger and excessive thirst. Managing the disease requires a modification in the diet and an increase in exercise in the initial stages. If no change is made in the patient after these two interventions, then medication and insulin are typically required to control and manage the disease.

Type II Diabetes may pose other subsequent complications in the long run such as stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and diabetes associated coma. The disease should be managed to avoid these complications in future. Patients on insulin shots are required to check their blood sugar frequently.

Other complications that may arise include poor blood circulation in the limbs which may lead to amputation of the affected limb. The development of this disorder is one of the Lipitor side effects for which you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation by filing a Lipitor Lawsuit.

Lipitor Lawsuits

For patients suffering from Lipitor induced Type II Diabetes, there is available legal intervention to help you cope with the condition. Because Pfizer is responsible for the production of Lipitor, they have been sued in several Lipitor lawsuits for their failure to alert patients of the detrimental side effect of Type II Diabetes.

You can also file for a Lipitor lawsuit if you developed Type II Diabetes from prolonged use of Lipitor.

Plaintiffs who have been represented in court complain that Pfizer concealed important information regarding Lipitor and thus chose to put their economic interests first over the health of patients using the drug. By so doing, the company is responsible for the damage caused to the health of these individuals and they should be responsible for their actions.

Another complaint common in the Lipitor lawsuits was that the company is responsible for the defective drug which should have been tested adequately in order to ensure its safety to the consumer. Failure to properly test the drug for potentially harmful side effects has interfered with the lives of many people who may be forced to be dependent on medication, dialysis or other interventions in order to live life normally. Their normal lives have been destroyed unless they get compensated financially in order to meet the rising health demands that eventually translate to financial demands.

Finding Legal Assistance for Lipitor Injury Victims

If you suffer from the effects of Type II Diabetes resulting from Lipitor use, filing a Lipitor Lawsuit offers the best way to obtain compensation for current and future health care and medical costs, present and future wage loss, and pain and suffering. Seeking legal assistance in filing a Lipitor Lawsuit can help make sure that you recover the maximum financial compensation to which you are legally entitled. Type II diabetes can be crippling especially when you start to use up your savings to manage the disease. In some work places, you may be hindered from working given the sensitive nature of Type II Diabetes patients.

Lipitor may have worked to treat your cholesterol, but if it has left you with Type II Diabetes, than you should contact the experienced trial lawyers  who handle Lipitor Lawsuits.

We offer free consultation and case law review to determine if you are eligible to file a Lipitor Lawsuit. If eligible, Trial attorneys will fight to obtain the maximum compensation to which are legally entitled for injuries and losses Lipitor use has cause you a loved one.


Seeking An Experienced Trial Attorney Who Handles Lipitor Lawsuits

The experienced trial attorneys who handle Lipitor Lawsuits can provide you with aggressive representation in a Lipitor Type II Diabetes Lawsuit. Our attorneys will be advise you on your legal options and the best course of action. Depending upon the side effect you experience after using Lipitor, you may qualify for a certain range of compensation. Our experienced trial attorneys who handle Lipitor lawsuits are well versed with trying personal injury lawsuits such as those involving Lipitor side effects.

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